Vote 2020

Our municipal program

We from the Free Voters Electorate FWG are members of a registered, non-profit association and not a political party!

We are not looking for prestige – or want to build a network for doing business in the council or informal access to the township administration! We are committed and feeling responsible for the common good of the citizens. And are enjoying the political work on municipal level!.

The communal engagement is for the members of the FWG not a repetition of meaningless talking or philosophizing about theories. We want to help to shape our beautiful city – improve the living conditions for everybody!!

Here are the six most important projects that we want to implement in the 2020-2025 legislative period:

1- The internet town hall! All services available online. Also the council and committee meetings
2- ALL municipal companies (GmbH’s) back to transparent departments supervised by city council
3- Rheda-Wiedenbrueck becomes as bike-friendly as our partner city Oldenzaal NL
4- 10.000 m2 / year of cheap urban building land for KHW (Communal Housing Cooperative)
5- 500 x 40 m2 / year subsidized housing provided by private investors when building new housing
6- Corona Lessons: Medicine from Germany – like BioIberica! Aurea becomes a pharma industrial park

We will lead the citizens of Rheda-Wiedenbrueck out of speechlessness on public issues. And contribute to the good coexistence of all in our city; supporting citizens suggestions and constructive ideas.

Our mission is: securing local self-government, which is increasingly restricted by federal and state laws. The self-government of our town should be put on a broad basis through the participation of all citizens.

This is what the FWG Electorate is standing up – and fighting for!

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